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The Estate covers more than 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of which over half are wooded and is composed of the Abbey with 9 rooms with their bathrooms, 11 restored independent houses scattered around the property for a total of 98 rooms, consecrated Church for weddings, 6 meeting room of capacity from 200 to 50 people with more than 100 parking lots.

History: Once upon a time, it was a nearly unreachable spot, virtually covered by brambles and thornbushes situated the southern edge of Tuscany.

It is here that the Vallumbrosan Abbey of the Holy Trinity was constructed in 1085, an important example of Italian and particularly Tuscan monasticism. At that time, the complex took the form of a typical feudal estate laying at the center of the area’s agricultural, artisanal and spiritual life.

With the fall of Siena, these lands also fell under the rule of the powerful Medici family. Having enjoyed its years of greatest splendor between XII and XIV centuries, it was eventually abandoned definitively by the religious order, the Abbey passing into private hands from 1830 onwards.

An important Tuscan family acquired the Abbey in 1989, and immediately set about restoring the entire estate. For the Abbey, the process lasted for 3 years, while the restoration of the old farm buildings and houses scattered around the estate took 11 years in total.

The old walls were restored and the various spaces repurposed to suit more modern requirements. However, every part of the process was planned and executed with a view to leaving the ancient essence of the site unaltered, working in complete harmony with history and nature.

The borgo: The main Abbey building features 9 double rooms, each with its own, private bathroom. The Abbey offers its guest a variety of communal areas for relaxing and socializing, with lounges, sofas, TV areas and a library. The kitchens and cellars offer a chance to come together and discover the delights of the local, Tuscan cuisine. Rooms and halls available for hosting events and corporate meetings. Next to the Abbey there is a consecrated church, which is available for religious ceremonies or atmospheric concerts.

An estate covering nearly 2,000 acres – with a natural lake accounting for 10 of them – offering limitless opportunities to enjoy life out of doors and discover nature in all its unspoilt splendor

The 11 renovated villas now have a new life and a new purpose.

Houses dedicated inhabited by those who worked in the fields and animals, have been turned into luxury villas and country houses, each with its own private swimming pool, enjoying large indoor and outdoor space, and with all the amenities one may need.

The property consists of 830 hectares, most of which is forest. Privacy is a priority.

The cottages are even some miles far one from each other.

Location: The property is located between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO world heritage site, protected from the nearby Monte Cetona and the impressive Mount Amiata, in a pristine untouched valley which gave birth to the Orcia river. The prime location is not only from the point of view of landscape. The estate and its villas are located within a short drive to the most famous small cities of the region: some examples are the birth town of Pius II, Pienza; Montepulciano, the pearl of the ‘500 and the motherland of Polizano and Redi, the famous and international Cortona, Bagno Vignoni thermal baths that belonged to Lorenzo de’ Medici, all these fantastic sights surround the property. The main jewel towns of Tuscany and Umbria such as Siena, Florence, Perugia, Arezzo, Orvieto are situated within an hour drive.

Price 23.000.000,00 Euro

Regione: Toscana Provincia: Siena Comune: Sarteano
Categoria: Farmhouses Property ID: P85 Price: 23.000.000,00 Euro
Surface: 0 mq Classe: G > 160 Kwh/mq Swimming pool: 0

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