Historic luxury villa with park for sale in Lucca, Tuscany

Historic villa in Tuscany on the hills of Lucca built in the early 1800s on foundations dating back to the medieval period, renovated in 1936 as the main residence of the owners and finally restored in the 1960s. to date it needs extraordinary maintenance interventions, in particular as regards the annexes .
The property is spread over a land, entirely enclosed by a stone wall, for an area of ​​8,670 square meters. where the main villa is located 1,500 square meters, the farmer's house with chapel and storage rooms for 327 square meters, the lemon house for 133 square meters, building called hut 152 square meters and other service buildings for 126 square meters. for a total of 2,222 square meters .
The villa, not bound by the superintendency, is spread over three levels and consists of five independent apartments with double entrances that are communicating with the central reception halls. in total we have 9 bathrooms of which 2 on the ground floor, 4 on the first floor and 3 on the second floor, 4 kitchens, two of which in original condition. the properties are served independently for electricity, heating the villa it has gas-powered radiators. the garden hosts medicinal, fruit and exotic plants, various essences are planted such as date palm, camellia, old rose, wisteria, linden, holm oak, plane tree, liqueur laurine, orange , lemon, olive, elderberry, boxwood etc.

Price 3.300.000,00 Euro

Regione: Toscana Provincia: Lucca Comune: Lucca
Categoria: Villas Property ID: V382 Price: 3.300.000,00 Euro
Surface: 2,220 mq Classe: G > 160 Kwh/mq Swimming pool: 0

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